About Our Team

Front Row - Ken, Engie, Roscoe, Stacy, Riley Roo, Melissa, Courtney | Back Row - Jimmy, Mario, Craig, Doug

Front Row – Ken, Engie, Roscoe, Stacy, Riley Roo, Melissa, Courtney | Back Row – Jimmy, Mario, Craig, Doug

Team Motto

Team Motto


Mario Cloutier – Vice President

Mario is my life and business partner and President of Mario’s Reconditioned Appliances.  He and I consult on matters that pertain to each of our businesses since we are officers of each other’s companies.  We have the perfect marriage in business as our companies complement each other’s so well.  We’re able to refer each other to the other’s clients and as a result everyone wins.  Mario provides appliance repair service as well as advanced contractual help for Peace of Mind clients from items as small as servicing a space heater to building porches.  He is a licensed and insured contractor in RI, with a lead renovator remodeler license and a skill set that is unmatched for the price he works for us for.  Besides his six month guarantee on the work he does, when you’re around Mario, you’re guaranteed to laugh!  He keeps our office light-hearted and is responsible for most of the FUN in our motto.

Jimmy Cloutier – Real Estate Sales & Leasing Agent

Jimmy filled a gap we had in our Leasing department and he liked it so much he asked if he could go to Real Estate School.  Jimmy’s been a Real Estate Investor for over five years, has a natural affinity for Real Estate and one of the few born salespeople.  He learned to upsell when he delivered pizzas and perfected his talents selling cars in Western Mass.  He loves leasing apartments and gets better every day.  Jimmy has a wide network and we know he will be an excellent Sales person.

Melissa Grylls – Real Estate Sales Agent

Melissa comes to Peace of Mind as a substitute constable when ours got hurt.  She thought after building her own successful Constable business that she could do the same in Real Estate and expand her professional repertoire where both sets of clients could benefit the other.  She’s been a Constable over ten years, and has intimate knowledge of some real estate law already, making the cross over easy.  She and Jimmy attended Real Estate classes together, studied together and both passed the exam within weeks of each other.  Melissa is a wonderful addition to our team and we are eager to see her put her business building skills into practice!

jimmyJimmy Cloutier – Maintenance Supervisor

Jimmy is an indispensable resource to our company.  His extremely broad set of skills allows him to assist us with almost any type of repair our clients could need.  He brings over 20 years of construction experience to the table from rough and finish carpentry, to roofing, to door and window installation, and so much more.  He literally had a hammer in his hands from the age of 3, helping his father and brothers work on the family homestead  and taking over his father’s business doing building and home maintenance in Western, MA.  Jimmy is a licensed and insured contractor in RI, with a lead renovator remodeler license.  We are extremely blessed to have his dedicated service and quality talent on the job.  Working with Jimmy is also a family affair as he is my brother in law.  If there’s anything Jimmy needs help with, my life and business partner, and his brother Mario, of Mario’s Reconditioned Appliances, Inc., is right there to help.

Doug Sherby – Maintenance Specialist

Doug worked for 22 years for Polyvinyl Films, with 10 years as a Foreman.  He managed many employees across several departments.  Their loss to his back injury was our gain.  Doug is an organized, hard working, nose to the grindstone kind of guy.  He’s willing to do any task asked of him and we’re able to offer flexibility when he gets sore.  We couldn’t ask for a better worker to help us manage all the daily headaches that come up in this business.  Doug has a long career with Peace of Mind, and we expect to see him moving up in the ranks to supervisor in no time.

Engeline Sauer – Property Bookkeeper

Engie comes to us all the way from Indonesia.  She met her husband in her home country and moved to the United States over a decade ago and we are so glad she did!  She most recently was the assistant treasurer at Child’s Play Nursery and Preschool in Providence, and from being an assistant Finance Manager in Jakarta to an Accountant for Owens Corning in Worcester, MA she’s covered the gamut of accounting positions.  We are so blessed to benefit from her knowledge and desire for part time work so she can be home for her son when he gets home from school.  Engie has an outstanding work ethic and an excellent sense of humor which fits right in with our Kooky bunch.

Courtney Lavimodiere – Executive Assistant

Courtney was an unexpected and greatly needed blessing from the City of Woonsocket.  She started with us as a summer intern and proved herself so valuable we had to hire her on for a permanent position.  She is an invaluable member of our team having taken the right amount of work off of everyone’s plate so we are no longer chickens without heads running around.  Courtney is the primary point of contact for our tenants and vendors.  We are perfectly positioned for growth with Courtney on our team helping us to help you!

Roscoe P. Coltrane – Security Officer, Welcoming Committee, Substitute Receptionist

Roscoe P. Coltrane, Here to give you Peace of Mind

Our Roscoe P. Coltrane, Here to give you Peace of Mind


Who? Why, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane! That’s who!










Riley Roo – Assistant Welcoming Committee member, wannabe CEO


That’s right, I ‘Roo’l this ‘Roo’st! ~Supreme ‘Roo’ler Riley Roo