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Stacy Corrigan is highly skilled in the management of residential and commercial real estate. Her full-service property management process includes handling the entire tenant selection, move-in and maintenance functions; managing all accounting responsibilities; protecting and improving assets; expense management, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and strategic planning; as well as coordinating  partnerships and alliances for cost optimization.

As a Certified Credit Compliance Professional, she is trained and experienced in all facets of the affordable housing tax-credit program including low-income housing properties, such as Section 8 rentals.

Stacy first managed property when she was assisting on an accounting project for a Boston contractor who owned 63 units in the lovely, urban city of Roxbury.  She noticed his property manager at the time was keeping track of paid rents on post-it notes.  She strongly suggested that the owner fire that person and put her in the job – and he did.  One 10 unit building had not paid rent in a year!  Stacy built a database program to track the rents, evicted all the non-paying tenants and turned his cash flow around by $10,000+ per month.  She cleaned up his properties leaving him with 100% occupied and paying buildings.  She advanced to become the controller of his construction company until she moved to Rhode Island and began her own adventure of becoming a landlord.

Since 2002, Stacy has managed her own properties, allowing her to learn first-hand the intricacies of managing property in Northern Rhode Island. Not only has she benefited from the real estate boom, but she has successfully weathered the recent downturn. She has a vested interest in the market and in the values and concerns that you, as a property owner, also hold.