What They’re Saying

I thought Stacy’s knowledge of how to update an older style house was an asset in selling my father’s house.

Robert Brunelle

Vernon, NY


Melissa showed great enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the process and was instrumental in closing the deal quickly.

Stephen Brunelle

Clinton, MA



I was 100% satisfied with the entire process from start to finish!

Leanne Kerwin

Attleboro, MA


Dear Stacy,

Please extend to all colleagues of Peace of Mind my appreciation of your wonderful gifting!

Again, my congratulations as with the sale of the Apartment House.  There is wished for all of you well beingness.

Kind Regard,

Kerry (a tenant’s perspective)


Sale went very smoothly. A lot of interest right off the bat due to Stacy’s great marketing techniques.

She was very professional, nice, polite and concerned about all parties involved I.E tenants, myself and prospective buyers. Presented a nice listing of the 21 prequalified offers.

Stacy was great. Very communicative throughout the process and concerned about by tenants and my expectations. Marketed the property so good that I had 21 offers in the first week. Thanks again Stacy.

Ken Camilucci, Woonsocket, RI

Hard working realtor Stacy and her associate Missy took full control of the situation. Recommended and help with updating and planning  the properties sale and exceeded our expectations.

Donald R. Brunelle

North Attleboro, MA


Stacy took care of absolutely everything for me. She is professional, courteous and fair. She went over and above what anyone else would have done to take of this sale.

Candy Michelson


Stacy, Thank you so much for all your help, support for going above and beyond for us. We are so grateful that you are on our team and that you have made our dream home become a reality.

We appreciate you!

Steve and Jenn


Thank you so much Stacy for all you have done for us. We really appreciate it. Job well done!!!

Khady and Mamadou



Stacy and Mario, Thank you so much for coming to my housewarming and for the great kitchen tools! Thank you also for all your help getting me into this house! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Love, Bethany



Melissa showed great enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the process and was instrumental in closing the deal quickly.

Stephen Brunelle

Clinton, MA


Personal and friendly. Responsive to individual needs. Demonstrates expertise and is very knowledgeable. Easily accessible to customer. Stacy Corrigan is a delight to work with.

Arthur Gobeille

Woonsocket, RI

We would recommend Stacy to our friends and acquaintances in a heart beat.  We especially like that Stacy was able to move fluidly between selling the property versus continuing to rent it for a while if that were necessary.

John Laboe

Blackstone, MA

Stacy & Mario, What a pleasure to have worked with you!  Cannot say enough good things about the job you do and the people you are.  A very belated thank you and seasons greetings.  To an even better 2017.


Nancy & John Laboe


I hired Stacy Corrigan to sell my home; it had been in the family for over 45 years.  I no longer needed such a big house and Stacy understood the emotions that I was feeling.

Stacy was knowledgable, professional and caring.  She kept me up to date and informed.  She treated me with kindness and helped me along the way.

I will definitely refer her to my friends and family.

Lyn Schleicher, N. Smithfield, RI

Coming from California I definitely needed someone with the knowledge of the area, which was key in my book.  I couldn’t have had a better agent.  Stacey knows this area like the back of her hand, and further more a lot of people in this area know her.  She’s a gal with a can do attitude, bright and funny too.

After being away for a few years it was like coming home to family.  There was nothing that couldn’t be taken care of.  Stacey’s favorite saying was, “We have people for that.”  She has a lot of confidence in her team and she talks about them all the time.

I really enjoyed the time my husband and I spent with Stacey house hunting, if one can actually enjoy the process.  Stacey has an upbeat personality that can keep you going when the times get tough.

Sure, I’d recommend Stacey to friends and family, I’d be silly not to, unless you really don’t want someone who will give you the truth and not sugar coat it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to list my house with Stacey today, to sell tomorrow, but I really kind of like it. Thanks Stacey!  Gini and Larry Cardoza, Woonsocket, RI

Stacy Corrigan has a strong knowledge of every phase of the home buying purchase.  Offered great advice from searching for the right place to making the offer to closing.  This was stressful time for me but Stacy was right there with all the answers and recommendations to move the process along.  We hit all our target dates and closed on time because of her.  Hats off to Stacy for great service.

Rick S. Mansfield, MA


I would recommend Stacy and her office time and again.  made the whole experience easy and comfortable from start to finish.

Nick Vecchio,

Taunton, MA







Thank you so much for the kind words and generous gift.  I look forward to having a nice dinner at Chandler’s, I’ve been interested in trying it for some time.  It was truly a blessing finding Peace of Mind Realty and you.  Your professionalism and patience & guidance were greatly appreciated through the long process.  You and your team are top notch and simply the best!  Wishing you much success and happiness – Joe Poirier

For twenty years, Stacy has been instrumental in allowing us to have Peace of Mind from four properties, commercial and residential, spread out across several US cities. She has been instrumental in enabling us to invest in, improve, maintain and create wealth from our real estate assets, while living in the US and overseas for a decade. We have depended on the full range of her services, including all management, bookkeeping, leasing, mortgage refinancing, construction management and insurance reimbursement (one property was seriously damaged due to frozen pipe in winter). When the time was right to sell, she worked closely with us to facilitate two sales with listing agents. Both properties sold well and quickly. Without Stacy, we could not have so successfully benefited and profited from our real estate. We are in debt to her and grateful.  Ellen and Matt Carberry, Cambridge, MA; Beijing, China, and Bethesda, MD

My husband and I personally worked with Stacy when it came to purchasing our first home together. she was understanding when it came to our budget and exactly what we were looking for. She was able to provide answers to all of our question (as first time home buyers, we had a lot!) I have recommended her, and will continue to do so. Kayla and Wesley Lomax, Bellingham, MA


Felt very close with Stacy throughout the whole buying process she was very patient and showed me numerous houses until I found the right house that suited my needs thanks you Stacy and all her employees that helped us out.  Mike and Eva Lanoue, Woonsocket, RI


Stacy was our managing agent for this and 2 other 5 family homes. She did an outstanding job renting and maintaining the properties. When we decided to sell our properties of course we gave her all 3 listing. The properties had bobofide offers with 1 month and all closed in under 3 months. You will not go wrong in trusting Stacy. Neil S. Brooklyn, NY


“I have known Stacy for over 2 years, first as a Property Manager to lease my condo.  When it came time to sell the property, I did not have to think twice who I would have representing my interests.  I found working with her a joy and felt like she was there to help me during every step of the processes.  Stacy possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker; she knows her market extremely well; she is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with her clients.  She is both very professional and personable.  We worked the game plan together, and she gave wise counsel along the way.  With no experience in selling a house while living across the country from my property, my stress level was seriously high.  Stacy managed to make me feel very secure during what was without a doubt a very involved process.  Stacy is a true professional in every sense of the word who puts her clients interests above her own.”  Thanks, Alifah A.



I would have lost my house to foreclosure if I didn’t have Stacy help me to short sell my house.  The first buyer backed out as soon as we had an approval from the bank and had to start all over again.  I wouldn’t have been able to handle the emotional pressure if it weren’t for her.  I totally had Peace of Mind by dealing with her company.  Thank you! – Carrie B.



It’s so nice to work with a Professional!

– Jo-Ann M. Re/Max Professionals



Hi Stacy!  I’d like to thank you again for really going above and beyond trying to satisfy TD Bank during that process.  Hopefully this goes a lot smoother, but you really put forth a ton of effort on my behalf and I really, really appreciate that.  If there’s anything I can to do return the favor sometime, let me know.  Thank you.  – Mike P.




I will absolutely be willing to provide a reference.  I can give people perspective of having experienced both [management companies in Woonsocket].  Just don’t forget me when you become a big management company.  Glad to hear about Amy.  You personally brought her back from the dead!  She was headed toward eviction and ruined credit, so she should thank you in addition to me!  I love these reports!  Very easy to understand.  FYI I’ve received nothing from ABC management company, which I’m not surprised.  It’ll be very interesting to see the side by side P & L comparison since you both had a full 6 months.  I can tell the winner just by looking at these numbers!  Even with those expenses out of the picture, they barely made a profit for me.  I’m glad I switched!!  Brad M.

Stacy, if you’re going to be in my part of the state any time soon, I’d love to take you out for lunch or coffee (your choice of location).  I don’t have anything specific to talk about, but wanted some face time to express all my appreciation for everything you do, etc.  🙂  Thanks Anthony  PS – great to hear about raising rent!  You’re on the ground up there so you’d know better than me what the market is like.


I want to thank you for being here to provide “Peace of Mind” related to Burnside.  You are truly a gift to us at this very difficult time.  I’d probably be in Butler if you weren’t here for Roger and Me.  If you need anything from me let me know.  You’re in complete charge of Burnside.  Take care and hope you have a nice w/e Warmly, Jackie G.***I want to thank you for all you done for us on Burnside this year.  It has not been an easy year with all the activity.  We appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us.  Thanks as always for your hard work taking care of us and giving us Peace of Mind.  With gratitude Jacqueline G.


It’s quite apparent that you and your staff are working diligently.  I am truly appreciative for what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time.  Keep up the good work!  Again thank you, will be stopping in one day just to say hello.  Have a great day! – Peter.

It is always great talking to you .  I really enjoy the thoughtful conversation, something that is lacking nowadays.  I am very confident that you will get everything on track.  I am very blessed to have you in my corner.  I couldn’t have wished for a more competent person to take over for me.  Have a great day! – Peter.

Also just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me this year.  I know it was a very challenging start up but with you and Melissa’s hard work and diligence, things are running much more smoothly and I have been at peace to concentrate on other important issues effecting me and my children.  I can’t thank you both enough for persevering.  It if wasn’t for you we would have totally given up on the building.  Thanks again!  Wishing you the best! – Peter.



Thank you for addressing this issue in a timely manner.  You certainly live up to your claim of Peace of Mind.  Thank you again Stacy.  Leslie L Riverview Condominium Association.




You Rock !! Thanks Stacy!  you put the “F” in Rock – Nick V.




Hi Stacy, You just made our whole summer better.  I was just in Woonsocket this morning and went to Estes street.  I was please with how clean the outside looked.  Great job to you and your team!!  Thanks, Mike and Mary T.



Just want to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.  You usually only hear from me when there is an issue of some sort, so I figured I would take a moment to let you know how much I value your efforts.  Have a great holiday season!  Thanks again, Scott.


Stacy, Thank you all your help.  I’m glad we changed companies and I’m grateful for people like you managing our complex.

Suzanne G., Riverview Condominium Association


We haven’t been full in five or six years.  It’s a Miracle.  Thank you Stacy.  K.S. Woonsocket




We really enjoy working with you and want to stay with you if at all possible, we just need more space.  Please let me know as soon as you have a decent three bedroom available because we really don’t want to change landlords since you’ve been so good to us.  Sincerely Chris and Rachel P.



OMG this is such a better place to live now.  I have been in my apartment over ten years.  The tenants are better the Peace of Mind has rented to and there’s no more loud music, and the property gets taken care of the way it should.  I love living where I live now thanks to Peace of Mind.  L. Tracy, Attleboro, MA



Thank you Stacy for the payment plan you offered me.  It made me feel good that I was able to honor my obligations.  I felt like I didn’t have to hide anymore, and I appreciate your willingness to work with me so I didn’t have to move out of my apartment. – Cindy B.




I’ve lived in the state 12 years and I finally feel like I have a home.  Dawn C.


You guys work so hard and have done such a good job with all the snow and ice this year. I just want to make them a pot of coffee everything they come.  Dawn C.


Stacy I can’t say enough good things about you and your company.  Finally things are getting fixed around here.  You always take care of any repairs I need and you have been totally respectful and generous when I am behind in my rent.  You don’t take any bull and I respect you for it.  Thanks for being such a good landlord.  – Telly H.



Google Plus Reviews

David Brezniak 9 months ago Sometimes dealing with real estate agents or management companies can be a hassle. I won’t name specifics, but one company is not my ‘First Choice’. Oops. Peace of Mind Property Management is, by far, an exception to the rule.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thank you Dave! We appreciate your help keeping our property where you live in order. You are the best “boots on the street” as Brad would say. You help make our job easier. = – )

David Watson 9 months ago Peace of mind made my search for an apartment completely hassle free, and worked around my limited schedule. Who else would go out of their way to get you what you want, what you need, when you need it? Peace of Mind. That’s who.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thanks Dave! We feel the same about you and can’t wait to help you, TD and JD find your new home! We are blessed to have awesome tenants like yourself. Thanks for all you do to help us with what we need also, such as helping with the snow, plumbing leaks etc. You are the perfect anchor tenant. Warmly, Stacy and Mario

Hayley Mandeville 9 months ago I have been with Peace Of Mind Property for almost two years now, and have had nothing but a great experience from them. They fix whatever I need fix right on time with no hassle. They are very organized and friendly. I would recommend anyone to rent through this agency.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thank you so much Hayley! We feel the same about you that you are always helpful and accommodating! We appreciate you too. Warmly, Stacy and the PM team!

Frank 9 months ago Working with Stacy and her associates has been a positive experience. When i moved in October 2015 i had some fairly minor issues that were all handled right away. And it showed me the type of people Stacy and her associates are. I know when the time comes to move into a larger apartment or a house I’ll be able to count on them to help find the right place.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thanks Frank! We’re also pleased that you keep us informed of issues that you need addressed. That helps us maintain quality apartments and helps us reduce turnover costs later. We would be very happy to help you when you’re ready to find a larger apartment or purchase a home when the time is right. Warmly, Stacy

Justin McGrath 9 months ago They are a quaint little property management company in RI, our apartment complex is in Attleboro, MA they help us with any issues we may have and are very down to earth. They are extremely nice and pleasant to talk to, if and when myself or my fiance need anything from them. They are responsive and our place is priced very well for the area.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thanks Justin! I’m so glad you are happy with our services. Please be sure to call us when you’re ready to buy your first home! Warmly Stacy

Colleen Timmins 9 months ago Stacy and her associates are fantastic people who have exhibited integrity, commitment, initiative, are action-oriented, and desire to make every tenant relationship a win-win for all parties. They have been extremely accommodating with any needs since the start of my application process.

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thank you so much Colleen! We hope you continue to enjoy your experience with our company and let us know if we can help when you’re ready for your next step in life to rent our buy a home, we’ll be happy to help! In the meantime we’re happy to serve you as we are! Warmly, Stacy

David Seck 10 months ago handling of the application by the office was disappointing. Can never get a straight answer for a week and a couple of days. The person claims looking at applications all day is tough job. Then why be in realstate. I think as customers we felt as if we were not worth your time. Never again.

Response from the owner 10 months ago I’m very sorry Daouda (aka David). We received your application on Friday the 19th our office is closed on Wednesdays and we can only move as fast as your references will call us back. We are still waiting on your references to call back. And we have one individual processing 25-30 applications in less than a week. I”m sorry you didn’t feel valued, but so many of our tenants love us and move to stay with us. I’m proud of my team. They work hard to process quality applications for our clients as quickly as humanely possibly. Please let us know if you wish to withdraw your application.

Elizabeth Holden 8 months ago The personal are friendly and professional manner. Looking for a apartment I would recommend them.

Response from the owner 8 months ago Thank you so much for the review Elizabeth! We appreciate you.

Deb Noiseux 9 months ago Extremely excited everyone was so professional. All my concerns were addressed properly

Response from the owner 9 months ago Thanks Deb! I”m so glad you were pleased with the service you recevied from Peace of Mind. We were so happy to finally close your home and help you find another place to move to. Definite win-win situation. Warmly, Stacy

Yelp Reviews

7 reviews for Peace of Mind

Doug M. o New Bedford, MA o 1 friend o 2 reviews 3/28/2016 This realty company was very helpful and informative and very conscientious about what I was looking for an apartment. They took my needs into account and were extremely accommodating with my schedule for viewing the apartment I was interested in. Once I decided on a place they had a ton of information on the surrounding area and all the needs that may exist to help my move be a smooth transition. I highly recommend them asked on professionalism and knowledge.

Justin M. o Hampden, MA o 2 friends o 18 reviews 3/22/2016 o First to Review They are a quaint little property management company in RI, our apartment complex is in Attleboro, MA they help us with any issues we may have and are very down to earth. They are extremely nice and pleasant to talk to, if and when myself or my fiance need anything from them. They are responsive and our place is priced very well for the area.

Serigne M.o Woonsocket, RI 3/29/2016 These are great guys that help you find the right apartment.I can say that they treat you like a family member and are ready for all your needs. Like I said they are great people to know and to deal with.

Javier C. o Woonsocket, RI 3/29/2016 After living in a house for more than 13 years I forgot how to go about renting again. Found Peace of Mind in the middle of a hard time. They were and continued to be very helpful and always available. Having now settled in a nice apartment in Woonsocket close to my job, park and shopping center area. They couldn’t have find me something better. Thank you for your support. I’ll recommend Peace of Mind Property Management Real Estate Services to anyone that is interested on finding the right place for you.

Jessica P. o Woonsocket, RI 3/28/2016 A little over a year ago I was in a pinch and looking for a larger house for me and my growing family to move into asap. I contacted Peace of Mind and they literally found us the best deal and got me approved right away and had the keys just days later! Since then, everyone there has been nothing but pleasant and helpful! I absolutely LOVE Holly and she has been great with all of our needs since we have been renting. If you are looking to rent and want 100% support along the way, peace of mind is the way to go!

David B. o Woonsocket, RI 3/24/2016 Let’s face it, looking for an apartment to rent can be an unpleasant experience. This is going to be your new home. You want something that fits you. The same is true for buying a house. This is why anyone should seriously consider using the wonderful services of Peace of Mind Property Management and Real Estate, Inc. Stacy, the owner/broker/president is a human being, and so is the staff. They treat you as a human first, and as a customer/client second. They honestly want to fit you into an apartment or house that fits you. Buildings are well-maintained and tenants are properly screened to ensure ‘trouble’ is kept out. In an economy that is still struggling to recover, Stacy and her team have managed to grow the business by leaps and bounds, even with competition right next door! How? Because they care; you aren’t considered a ‘product’ by any means. I strongly urge anyone looking for a nice place to live to give them a shot. You’ll find apartments to rent in all price ranges and in many areas. Make sure when you visit to tell them Roscoe sent you.

Roland B. o Woonsocket, RI 3/21/2016 I have been a tenant in an apartment managed by Peace of Mind since August of 2015. They are a wonderful company to work with and everyone in the office is unbelievably nice and friendly. Every time I have a question or a small problem, they are right there to help. This is a great company to rent from. The apartments are clean and well kept up. Highly recommended.