Leasing Services

iStock_000016208369_ExtraSmall couple boxesAre you interested in our leasing services? Here’s how we can help! For just one month’s rent (with a $250 deposit to cover costs) we take care of ALL the following tasks to help you find Quality tenants for your buildings.

  • Place ads
  • Show apartments
  • Take applications
  • Screen applications and conduct a due diligence report by using the
    following process:iStock_000018936394_ExtraSmall credit report

    • Pull single credit bureau report
    • Research criminal history
    • Verify existing employment and all other sources of income, using the following criteria:
      • Absenteeism
      • Work performance
      • Disciplinary actions
      • Would you rehire this person?
      • Would you rent to this person?
    • Interview existing and prior landlords, using the following criteria:
      • Timeliness of rent payments
      • Noise warnings
      • Unit damage
      • Security withholding
      • Proper notice upon vacancy of unit
      • Pets
      • Would you re-rent to this person?
    • Consult personal references, using the following criteria:
      • Character
      • Bill paying
      • Cleanliness
      • Pets
      • Would you rent to this person?
    • Prepare Rental or Lease Agreement in compliance with Rhode Island
      law ~ our Agreements have been approved by our attorney

      • Prepare lead disclosure form as required by federal EPA regulations
      • Receive and distribute funds
      • Remit original documentation to owner