Screening Services

Do you have time to show apartments yourself? Great! Then let us handle the background process by carefully screening each prospective tenant for you, at a nominal fee of only $250 for up to 10 applications per unit.

An overview of our screening process includes:

  • Providing suggestions on ad language, so you are confident when placing the ad yourself and in compliance with Fair Housing Laws.
  • Using our applications – we will:
    • Pull credit, criminal, employment, landlord & personal references
    • Make recommendations

iStock_000001370276XSmallOur detailed screening process will provide you with thorough information on each prospective tenant. We will:

  • Screen applications and conduct a due diligence report by using the following process:
    • Pull single credit bureau report
    • Research criminal history
    • Verify existing employment and all other sources of income, using the following criteria
      • Absenteeism
      • Work performance
      • Disciplinary actions
      • Would you rehire this person?
      • Would you rent to this person?
    • Interview existing and prior landlords, using the following criteria:
      • Timeliness of rent payments
      • Noise warnings
      • Unit damage
      • Security withholding
      • Proper notice upon vacancy of unit
      • Pets
      • Would you re-rent to this person?
    • Consult personal references, using the following criteria:
      • Character
      • Bill paying
      • Cleanliness
      • Pets
      • Would you rent to this person?